Contamination Removal and Disposal

Oil Spills, Clean Ups & Contamination

Any sort of oil spillage from your tank or pipework can be hazardous to nearby water sources, people and the environment in general. If you notice that your oil tank is leaking or malfunctioning in any way then you need to call in a professional to take a look.

An oil tank can leak for a number of reasons including:

  • Tank body failures

  • Damaged equipment

  • General wear and tear of feeds, lines, and tank

  • Incorrect installation

  • Damaged or failed components on the boiler end of the installation

  • Rust and degradation to metal tanks

  • Splits and general wearing in plastic tanks

  • Tanks can occasionally be damaged during filling

What to do if you notice a leak

If you notice a leak, a malfunctioning piece of equipment, or even if your heating system isn’t working as correctly as it should be, you should contact a professional oil tank specialist company such as ourselves, and arrange for a visit as soon as possible to check out the problem. The sooner the issue is fixed then the less oil that will be lost, and also less potential damage to the environment and surrounding areas will be done.

Cleaning up oil spills and contamination

Once the tank and pipework have been fixed or replaced by us, we will then provide a cleanup service of the areas affected, this will include any spillages which have occurred either at the tank, from the pipework or in your home.

If you do experience any issues then you should ensure that you do the following once you have phoned us to come to fix the issue:

  • Ventilate your home if you have a strong smell of oil indoors

  • Keep children and pets away from any spills or faulty equipment

  • Avoid getting oil on your skin or clothes

  • Switch off your supply at the tank

  • Do not smoke near a spillage

  • Try to prevent any spillages from spreading

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