Oil Tank Removal & Disposal

Removal, Disposal, and Replacement of Oil Tanks

At Angus Oil Tank Solutions, we not only provide domestic oil tank installations, relocation, re-sitting and maintenance, but we can also provide oil tank removals services including the removal, disposal and replacement of your old plastic and steel heating tanks. If we are providing an upgrade to your existing supply or replacing an old tank, or if you have chosen a different method of heating your premises, we can safely and conveniently remove and dispose of your old tank, plus any old pipework which may need to be removed.

Our team is fully trained in the safe cleaning and removal of old oil tanks to prevent any issues which may arise from disruptions or contamination. When providing a quote for the removal of an old tank we will need to consider the location, state of the tank and any potential risks involved with the removal.

Get in Touch

We usually remove old tanks and pipework as part of a new installation, however, we can also provide a quote for a one-off removal. We provide our oil tank related services to a number of clients throughout Central Scotland and further afield, including for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. For a free quote, and to see how we can help you save money on your heating, give us a call on 07732 119842, email us at info@angusoiltanksolutions.com or use our online contact form.

Areas We Cover

We provide our oil tank installation, repair, and maintenance services to customers throughout Central Scotland and further afield including:

  • Dundee

  • Perth

  • Forfar

  • Fife

  • Perthshire

  • Angus
  • Aberdeen

  • Stirling