Relocation of Existing Oil Tanks

Re-sitting Existing Oil Tanks

Not only do we provide cost-effective and efficient new oil tank installations, we can also provide re-sitting and relocation of your existing tanks, including surveying the area and designing the re-sitting and relocation of your existing tank.

We provide these services to clients throughout Central Scotland, including re-sitting and relocating oil tanks for domestic properties, commercial properties such as out-of-town shops, pubs & restaurants, industrial premises and agricultural property such as farm buildings and agricultural workshops.

There are a number of reasons why you may be thinking of relocating or re-sitting your oil tank, such as an inefficient installation, a property extension that necessitates moving the tank, or even a risk of contamination. We will survey the area and provide plans for the proposed installation, relocation, or re-sitting of your existing supply and determine the feasibility of the project before we start.

Oil Tank Services